Get a Roof You Can Rely On

Hire a dedicated roofing company in Loveland or Nunn, CO

Your roof protects your interior from the elements every day. If it's compromised, water can leak in and cost you a fortune in repairs. Don't take chances with your roof. Valley Hill Roofing is a skilled roofing company in Nunn and Loveland, CO. Our roofing contractor can inspect your roof to find out if there are potential issues.

We look for...

Structural damage like cracks and dents
Color fading and signs of mold or mildew
Leaks and water damage

We'll give you an honest assessment of the condition of your roof and recommend repairs or a replacement. Schedule a roof inspection in Loveland or Nunn, CO or surrounding areas by contacting us today.

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Working on a new construction project?

Building a new office or store is an exciting step for your business. Make sure your new space is secure with a commercial roofing installation from Valley Hill Roofing. Our roofing contractor installs TPO, PVC and EPDM roofing that will provide effective protection from the elements. You can also install a roofing system that resists chemicals and punctures for extra security.

All of our products are backed up by a warranty so you can rely on your roof for years. We'll work with you during every step of the project to make sure you end up with a roof that meets your needs.

We install commercial roofs within 100 miles of Loveland and Nunn, Colorado. Contact us today for a free estimate on commercial roofing services.

Keep your roof in good repair

While flat commercial roofs can last for decades with little maintenance, they still wear down eventually. Whether your roof is damaged or getting old, Valley Hill Roofing can provide repair or restoration services.

Our roofing company works on all kinds of flat roofs. We'll clean off your roof and apply a fresh coating to cover and seal any cracks or holes. Your roof will be as good as new without the need to tear down and replace it completely.

Find out if a roof restoration will work for your building by calling us at 970-690-4514.

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